Belladonna* Chaplet Series

Belladonna* chaplets are short, raw works (often works-in-progress) by authors who appear in our reading series. These ephemeral, immediate works give insight into a writer’s process and timely concerns. Chaplets have attended Belladonna* readings since the series began in 1999 at Bluestockings Bookstore in New York, New York. The collection, which has grown to over 200 titles, represents a kind of pantheon of radical feminist letters. (Click on their pdf chaplets and read dozens of writers online or export as a pdf.)

Tonya Foster’s spare sequence A Swarm of Bees in High Court is, “among other things, the “attempt to create a biography of a place,” specifically Harlem in the 21st Century.

A Swarm of Bees in High Court(2002), by Tonya Foster

Center for Book Arts

The Center for Book Arts is dedicated to preserving the traditional artistic practices of book-making, as well as exploring and encouraging contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object. They have exhibitions, classes, and an annual chapbook contest. (See the March 18 Chapbook Fair event organized by CBA on “Process and Collaboration.”)

Essay Press

Essay Press is dedicated to publishing artful, innovative, and culturally relevant prose. We are interested in publishing pieces that are too long to be easily published in journals or magazines, but too short to be considered book-length by most publishers. We are looking for prose that has something to say, essays that both demand and deserve to stand alone. We particularly welcome work that extends or challenges the formal protocols of nonfiction, including, but not limited to: lyric essays and prose poems or poetics; experimental biography and autobiography; innovative approaches to journalism, experimental historiography, criticism, scholarship, and philosophy.

Nicole Cooley’s digital chapbook Frozen Charlottes, A Sequence, is a work that, by reconsidering these tiny dolls, investigates the rules that govern girls’ bodies and mother/daughter relationships.

Frozen Charlottes, A Series, by Nicole Cooley

Finishing Line Press

Finishing Line is located in the Bluegrass region of central Kentucky. The press’s vision is to launch new talent. They also run two annual contests.

Ghostbird Press

Ghostbird Press is Queens-based chapbook press founded by Peter Vanderberg. He will speak about starting the press at the Chapbook Festival on April 15.

Kattywompus Press

Kattywompus Press is an independent literary small press founded in Cleveland in 2010, migrating in 2014 to Boston. We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, unclassifiable. If it doesn’t fit the usual categories we get excited. We are slightly obsessed with finding the container that best suits the content: chapbook, full length book, hand-stitched, perfect bound, unique artist’s books, e-books, literary music projects. Note: chapbooks by Cornelius Eady include digital download music drop cards!

706 Union Ave: Memphis Sessions, by Cornelius Eady Trio

Letter Machine Editions

This press based in Seattle, WA publishes one or two books a year as well as the journal Volta.

Anselm Berrigan wrote the poems in To Hell with Sleep in the first few months after the birth of his daughter, mostly during brief periods of time when he was half-awake or less so, letting the poems be “unthought.”

Lost & Found Chapbooks

Lost & Found combines scholarship and cultural preservation by publishing original texts by figures central and associated with New American Poetry. Check out writers from Diane de Prima to Audre Lorde.

Massachusetts Review

To view these digital chapbooks, click on the caption below the image of the book. When it opens, follow the arrows to turn each page.

New Directions Pamphlet Series

Poetry Pamphlets is a reincarnated version of the “Poet of the Month” and “Poets of the Year” series James Laughlin published in the 1940s. This time around, the chapbooks highlight original work by writers from around the world, as well as forgotten treasures lost in the cracks of literary history.​

No, Dear Chapbooks

No, Dear aims to bring together the voices of New York City poets who might not otherwise be in dialogue: both emerging and established poets from diverse backgrounds who are living and writing in New York City’s five boroughs. We aspire to disrupt a field that has historically privileged white patriarchal perspectives by building a publication and communal/critical dialogue that strives to be largely representative of women-identified poets, and poets of color and of all gender orientations.

Emily Skilling brings an alternate view of the famous naturalist in Linneaeus: The 26 Secual Practices of Plants.


Pinsapo is a web of tightly or loosely connected people living around the world who configure themselves in different ways at different times to make work together. Right now the web is stretched between the US, Turkey, Andalusia, Sweden and Palestine but new threads are being cast out all the time. We have an affinity for work in translation, work about translation and work in languages other than English, but this is by no means a criterion or a limit.

Anne Waldman’s Mundo Aparte/Offworld can be purchased as a digital book.
Ammiel Alcalay’s Ghost Talk is forthcoming.

Mundo Aparte/Offworld, by Anne Waldman

Sarabande Books Quarternote Chapbook Series

Bringing outlier work from established writers.

Ugly Duckling Presse

To view these digital chapbooks, click on the caption below the image of the book. When it opens, follow the arrows to turn each page.

Wells College Press

Wells College’s Book Arts Center houses an array of presses so students can learn about the history of the book and take courses in the book arts. Books and broadsides produced there are available for sale on the Wells College Press site.

In Kimiko Hahn’s sequence of odes (Write It!), she talks back to canonical lines of poetry.
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